Dimitri’s Feast

Dimitri’s Feast
141 Swan Street
Richmond  VIC  3121
03 9428 8659
Open: Tue – Sat  7:30 – 5pm; Sun 8am – 5pm

How I’ve been hanging out for this day!!  Today I was having breakfast with the lovable Professor F – at one of my favourite breakfast spots around town – Dimitri’s Feast!  I had wandered down there a couple of weeks ago, looking forward to having the wonderful pancakes – only to find it closed for Christmas break!!!  Aaaaarrgh!  I had no plan B – I was devastated!!

Anyway – there’s a reason I love going to Dimitri’s Feast for breakfast – and it’s because I believe they have Melbourne’s best pancakes. I know – a big call to make – but heck – with all the research I do, I may well be one of Melbourne’s most qualified to make the call.   But being a consummate professional – I do need to constantly reconfirm my findings – you know… go back to the benchmark, double check, triple check, cross check…   You know what I mean.

So – was my memory of their brilliance correct?  Yes.  In fact – for all of my gallivanting around town, trying every pancake under the sun – I took my first bite of these pancakes this morning – and realised that I was right all along – it reconfirmed what I’d been thinking – these are the best pancakes in Melbourne!

Semolina pancakes with sweet yoghurt, rose jam,
pistachios & orange blossom syrup

To my knowledge, Dimitri’s Feast is the only café that serves semolina pancakes – but they are so beautiful I wish more cafés around town would do them (and one in the CBD would be brilliant!!).  They are incredibly moist and have a lovely flavour – these ones come all crispy around the edges (which I adore), while the rest of the pancake is soft and tender. There are two pancakes per serve, and they are a good size (around 15 cm across). The accompaniments are, quite simply, amazing – the sweet yoghurt is thick and creamy, with the perfect amount of tang; the pistachios add a real crunch to the ensemble; and the orange blossom syrup is sweet without being too cloying, adding a delicate, tantalising and hedonistic note. Scattered across the top of the dish are beautiful, edible, dried rose petals – adding a touch of colour and whimsy.  Absolutely fabulous – and very hard to beat.

Smashed avocado with free range bacon,
confit cherry tomatoes & poached egg

The lovable Professor F had the smashed avocado – his regular!  We’re such creatures of habit – but when you’ve found something so brilliant – why deviate? The avocado is generously mounded on top of two pieces of organic sourdough bread, then topped with bacon and gorgeous confit cherry tomatoes.  Set atop all this goodness, like a majestic crown, is the poached free range egg – just waiting to spread its luscious, gooey sauce of gently cooked, runny yolk.  Ahhh… life’s good.

All this – and fantastic coffee as well. They use Allpress coffee – which I’m finding to be a consistently good blend across Melbourne.  Again, another occasion where I indulge in two coffees, because it’s so delicious!!

The service is brilliant – personable and professional.  They know their regulars by name, and look after everybody.  I love that it doesn’t matter how busy it gets, there’s never any rush to get you to move on.  Sitting inside is cosy and happening, and gives you a ring side seat to the constant stream of activity, however, there’s also a great little courtyard if you’re feeling like catching some fresh air, away from the madding crowd.

This is a fantastic café with terrific service and amazing food. Life doesn’t get much better… oh – unless they decided to open an outpost in the city… preferably just around the corner from me…
But in the meantime, I will continue to keep visiting this little nirvana out in Richmond – just to ensure my benchmarking process is sound… you understand….

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