Eat Drink Man Woman

Eat Drink Man Woman
413 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy  VIC  3065
03 9419 0088
Open: Mon – Fri  7am – 10pm;  Sat – Sun  8am – 10pm
No website

So,  Eat Drink Man Woman is now a café, as well as being a movie about a chef living with his 3 daughters, directed by Ang Lee.  Not that I’ve actually seen the movie… but it is on my DVD wishlist…

I’m not sure what etiology came into play when naming the café after the movie (or even if it was named after the movie) – but when it opened back around the middle of last year, a number of reviews followed which sounded promising. I was particularly intrigued when I learned that the head chef, Daniel Schelbert, had done time at MoVida Aqui, Hare & Grace, and Cecconi’s.  All fantastic restaurants in their own right… with pretty amazing head chefs at the helm.  So, if he was following anywhere closely in their footsteps with EDMW – it warranted an investigation.

Now, honestly, I wasn’t actually intending to visit EDMW – I was passing through, cruising down Brunswick Street, passed it and thought – what the heck!!  There’s no time like the present. So I pulled up, found a park and went in.  It was a bit of a “stab in the dark” visit – because EDMW doesn’t really have an online presence. So, I couldn’t check the menu – even the trusted Urbanspoon website didn’t have a photo of the menu uploaded… what’s going on? But I’d read enough good stuff about it to want to give it a go…

I went in the middle of the week – so it was relatively quiet and there were plenty of seats to choose from in the huge, light and airy space.  Service was quick, and before I even had a chance to sit down I was provided with water in a funky bottle, while my coffee order was taken.

And then I checked the menu… they had pancakes.  Could this be a contender in my quest for Melbourne’s greatest pancakes?  And they were different pancakes too… buckwheat… I don’t think I’ve ever had buckwheat pancakes.  I guess my decision was made…

3/4 Flat White

Ahhh…. now this is a 3/4 flat white… good and strong, smooth coffee flavour.  Thumbs up!

 Buckwheat pancakes, slow roasted rhubarb and ricotta

Oh.. Wow!  The first thing to hit me was the aroma of cinammon – which I love.  So, I swung my head around and this is what I beheld.  Can I tell you… these pancakes are huge.  To give you a sense of proportion, they are approximately 6 inches or 16cm across (I swear, I’m going to have to start to bring rulers and put them in the photos à la CSI), and about an inch thick!!  I thought two buckwheat flying saucers had landed on my plate.  Tick!  Generosity of serving!

Pancake cross section

See… look at this cross section… now we’re getting technical about pancakes… HEY!! … who said I was anal?!    I heard that….  Anyway, these pancakes are the thickest I’ve ever seen!  How do they even get the batter to rise up that high???   To be honest, they were a little dry and cakey for me.  Thankfully, there was plenty ricotta, rhubarb and roasting juices to add much needed moistness. The ricotta was rich, smooth and creamy, while the rhubarb was not overly sweet and added a hit of flavour.

Alas – I couldn’t finish this dish – apart from the fact that it was a really generous serve, it was just too dry and cakey for me.  So, unfortunately, not a contender for the title.

Nonetheless, it would be interesting to see what this head chef does with the lunch and dinner menu. Given his pedigree, Daniel brings some serious experience and exposure to the table – which may come into play later on in the evening…  perhaps I can check that out another time…

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