Chin Chin

Chin Chin
125 Flinders Lane
Melbourne  VIC  3000
03 8663 2000
Open: 7 days  11am til late

What more can be said about Chin Chin?  At the moment it’s Melbourne’s hottest place to eat and drink, to see and be seen.  The great thing about it – the hype is well deserved – as they churn out dish after dish of amazing, flavourful food that makes you want to eat the whole menu!!

I had lunch with good friend F recently – we arrived early at 11:45am and the place wasn’t too full.  Interestingly, at 12:10pm – I said to F, who had her back to the room: Turn around. It was chockablock, and there was a line was waiting out the door!  No surprise to anyone who knows about the hype.  My recommendation – be prepared to get there early, or be prepared to wait.  I don’t like waiting – so I always get there early!!!

Now, what do we choose from the burgeoning menu of fantastic options?  Well, it’s still holidays – so maybe a cocktail should be the first order of the day…

Vietnamese Mint Cocktail

Refreshing and vibrant – this cocktail had ginger liquer (fast becoming a favourite), as well as a bunch of other good things including (if I remember correctly) – whiskey!

Steamed spanner crab and chicken salad,
with ruby grapefruit, coconut and fragrant herbs

Chin Chin is predominantly a sharing restaurant – which is great, because you can try a range of things. This salad was amazingly fresh and vibrant, the dressing was zesty, aromatic, and spicy – not too hot, but it made your mouth come alive.

Green curry of rockling, eggplant, snake beans and thai basil

We followed with a beautiful, luscious green curry of rockling.  The rockling was fantastic, retaining its sweet freshness in the aromatic curry sauce.  Overall, it was quite mild – not overwhelming at all – and the eggplant and snake beans were well cooked and bursting with flavour. The curry’s served with steamed rice, making it an ample serve for two people.  All in all – it was a delicious meal, and we left replete and happy.

You know, sometimes you wonder about the hype and ask yourself is it really worth it – but, in the case of Chin Chin, the answer is basically a resounding “YES”.  Is it worth waiting an hour or two?  Well that’s another matter.  As I said, my preference is to get there early – and enjoy seeing the place fill up, secure in the fact that I’ve already got a seat!! The service is friendly and helpful, with the wait staff always happy to explain the menu to newcomers.  You will get fast service, and there may be some subtle pressure to see you on your way – but if you’re happy with that then make sure you check it out.  Chances are you will want to get back there at some stage to try something else!  Like me!!

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