Bistro Flor

Bistro Flor
555 Nicholson St
Carlton North  VIC  3068
03 9381 4443
Open: Mon – Fri  7:30am onwards ¦  Sat – Sun  8am onwards

The search for Melbourne’s best pancakes continues –

Finding myself alone on a Saturday morning, whilst Andrew went off in search of Melbourne’s best dive, it seemed appropriate that I continue the quest – where are the best pancakes in Melbourne?

Bistro Flor had made my hit list because a post in Weekend Notes provided a list of the best hotcakes in Melbourne, nominating 8 cafés amongst its findings.  Being a researcher, I needed to cross validate these results – and you never knew, I may actually find some pancakes worthy of making my very own list of the best hotcakes / pancakes / pikelets in Melbourne!!

Ricotta hotcakes with poached pears and Sicilian ricotta

I was a bit surprised when the dish came out – because it was quite underwhelming in it’s size and presentation.  The serving was two pancakes about 10-12cm in diameter each, served on a dish that could best be described as a side plate. You could see chunks of ricotta through the hotcakes, which is always a good thing, and they were very tender and moist.  However, they may have been a little too tender and moist – because they were quite mushy, and didn’t hold together very well.  They sort of fell apart if you exerted any force on them, becoming a bit of a wet, insubstantial consistency. Not the greatest hotcakes that I’ve ever seen or tasted.

In terms of the accompaniments, the poached pear was fine, and the sicilian ricotta was studded with currents, spiced with cloves and cinammon, and had lemon zest through it. My only gripe would be that the ricotta was quite grainy in texture, and I prefer a smoother, creamier one.  Also drizzled around the edge was a honey butter – which added some moist sweetness.

Overall, it was not a great breakfast experience. I just found that the hotcakes were too soggy and mushy. I’m also not the greatest fan of grainy ricotta – so that didn’t help.  It’s a pity… I felt a little disappointed, especially after reading the review in Weekend Notes… I had high hopes.  I may be persuaded to give Bistro Flor another go for breakfast – noting they have corn fritters, which can be great.  I’m usually prepared to diversify my breakfast options in the name of more thorough research – but with so many other great cafés out there doing brilliant food – I don’t like my chances.

The dinner menu looks good, and has been well reviewed on Urbanspoon. So, it could be this is where their true speciality lies.   As for their status in the quest for Melbourne’s greatest pancakes… I’m afraid they might be out of the running.

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