Pint of Milk

Pint of Milk
19 North Road
Newport VIC  3015
03 9391 6641
Open:  Mon – Fri  7am – 4pm;  Sat – Sun  8am – 4pm

Pint of Milk sprang up in this little derelict shop, from memory, about 2 years ago.  It’s on our regular riding route from the CBD through to “the dogbowl” in Williamstown – and being a bike friendly café, is a great place to stop, relax and have a stimulating coffee and some good food.

The fit out is eclectic – with lots of quirky, retro characteristics.  I generally take a seat outside – so I can keep an eye on my bike. Just before Christmas – I visited lots (trying to get my cycling hours up) – and breakfast out is always a great incentive – so this post is a compilation of their greatest hits so far experienced!

Water and menu

Even the water bottles are points of conversation at this place – can you remember the last time you saw a glass milk bottle?  The menu has a lot of luscious things to try…

… but first things first – I have to have a coffee.  Do you know that coffee is good for cyclists because it releases the glycogen stored in their liver and gives a much needed hit of energy!! That’s my excuse anyway…   At Pint of Milk they use Gridlock coffee – and it is very smooth and rich.  A great blend!

Sauteed exotic mushrooms, walnut sourdough,
taleggio and truffled chestnuts  

For my first foray into breakfast here, I couldn’t go past the mushrooms – I love mushrooms, but because Andrew is not a fun guy (funghi), we don’t get to eat them much at home – so every chance I can, I have them when we’re out!

There’s a good mix of mushrooms on the amazing toasted walnut sourdough – there is definitely a tang there – whether from the lemony goodness squeezed on top and/or the sourdough – I’m not sure.  The mushrooms are beautifully complemented with some melted taleggio and truffled chestnuts.

Avocado, persian fetta on pumpkin sourdough
with a chilli, mint and broadbean dressing

This is a great dish as well – I had plate envy when most excellent friend R had it on one visit, and so was determined to have it the next time I dropped by.  I love the mix of broad beans and avocado – balanced out with some bitter rocket, and sharp persian fetta, it was great – but what really brought it together was the sweetened balsamic drizzled around the edge.  My only point of contention was that the sourdough toast was a bit tough – and overly drizzled with olive oil.  There’s so much good fat in an avocado – I don’t know that it needed it.  Just my 2 cents worth…

Ricotta hotcakes with peanut butter parfait,
grilled banana and walnut brittle  

And of course… being the consummate researcher I am – I had to order the ricotta hotcakes at some point.  When I got this dish – I have to confess – I thought: my gosh – it’s so small. However, my eyes were bigger than my stomach and the serving was fine.  The pancakes were pretty good – nice and moist, not tough or dry.  I loved the peanut butter parfait and the grilled banana – but I didn’t even try the walnut brittle – it looked like I could do some tooth damage on it!!  Overall – a good dish.

Pint of Milk is a great addition to a burgeoning food scene in the gentrified western suburbs.  And I’m a great fan of cafés who happily accommodate cyclists and their bikes.  For a long time, they had bike hooks up – most recently I didn’t see them (but they were weekdays) – so that’s more than testimony in my book to their bike friendliness.

A great café – but again – a really popular one.  Time your riding well – and there shouldn’t be a problem!

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