Patchy pancakes at Grigons & Orr

Grigons & Orr
Cnr Queensberry & Chetwynd Streets
North Melbourne  VIC
Open 7 days 7am – 5pm

Oh my goodness… the dearth of cafés open in the CBD and North Melbourne across Christmas has been ridiculous!  How is a girl meant to get fabulous breakfasts???  Thankfully, I stumbled across Grigons & Orr last week – still open and operating.  Wonderful….

I had such a beautiful breakfast there – I vowed to come back soon. Why?  Because I had forgotten my camera and such good food deserves to be recognised in a blog!

So, back I trotted on Monday 2 January – the reason I tell you the date is because I think it may be significant – but more about that later…

First up a coffee….

They serve their coffees in cute mismatched, old style china – and they do good coffee.  Apparently the barista is a bit of a perfectionist – which is good for us!

Ricotta Pancakes served with barbados cream and a berry compote 

And here they are… the ricotta pancakes!  The object of my desire…

But alas – they were not the same!  Last week when I ordered them they came out delicate and moist with a lovely crunchyness around the edges. They were so yummy I was happily about to declare them to be in the running for the top 10 pancakes in Melbourne.

This time – however, they were quite tough – not very moist at all. They just didn’t cut it. They were OK as pancakes go – but my expectations had been set by my previous experience…

The reason I mentioned the date – is because Grigons & Orr was closed the day before on New Year’s Day (was there anything open at all??).  Anyway – if you’re a pancake connoiseur – you know that pancakes are best served when the batter has had a chance to rest – preferably from the previous day.  You make your batter the night before, let it rest in the fridge – and this results in beautifully tender and moist pancakes. Anyway – arriving at opening time the day after it was closed and ordering the pancakes may have been a folly!  Maybe – the batter hadn’t had a chance to rest and that was the reason that the pancakes were not to the same standard… maybe…

But back to the pancakes – they are served with barbados cream and berry compote. Now, according to the web – barbados cream is made with double cream, yoghurt and dark or muscovado sugar.  I personally don’t think Girgons & Orr make it to this recipe (which sounds beautiful). They must use whipped cream because it is quite light, fluffy and aerated – the same consistency as whipped cream. The original recipe sounds more appetising to me – because I think the double (pure) cream would add another layer of luscious richness. Nonetheless, the cream does add a lovely light, sweet richness to the dish.

The berry compote is fantastic – although the ratio could be better – as I ran out of compote before finishing the pancakes – which meant I had to ration my last few berries across many remaining bites of pancake! D’oh!!   Also, one of the highlights was the perfectly toasted almonds – which successfully introduced a textural crunch that really lifted the meal.

So, overall – it was a pretty disappointing return visit – it’s not good when dishes are patchy or inconsistent. I’m not sure if it’s worthwhile risking another chance at the pancakes – although in the interests of random experimentation – it might be worthwhile to check them out another day… maybe the batter will have rested…

Although – I hope I don’t have to see this the next time….

The problem with low riders…

 Not a good look!  Almost enough to put you off your pancakes…. almost….

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