USA Day 18.1: Duvine Cycling Adventure Day 6

The alarm clock sounded at 6:00am – I’m sure it was raining – I heard it in the middle of the night.  That would give me a good reason to stay all warm and snug in bed.  I crawled out of bed to check out the window, sure that a dreary and wet morning would greet me – but no – it was fine! Everything was dry… oh my gosh – no rest for the wicked!!  So we reluctantly got up, put our kit on and ventured out. Oi!   It was cold!!  It was probably around 4-5 degrees celsius.

But you know what, even though it was freezing (and we really should have worn some long fingered gloves) – it was a beautiful ride.  We got to see the sun rise, and caught some more of those beautiful autumnal colours, which we never get tired of!  And it never seems to matter how bad you feel when you get up early for a ride – when you’re out there, you have to acknowledge that it’s always a good idea!

What was even more amazing, however, was that after we got back to the Solage, and left the bikes with Ash and Ryan, and headed to our rooms – about half an hour later, the rain started coming down.  Just gently at first, but then pretty firmly.  Good timing!

We were very fortunate, because we did not get a drop of rain for the whole 6 days that we cycled – despite forecasts saying 3 out of 6 days would be rainy!!! We really lucked out! (which apparently means – got really lucky!).

Map view of our Napa morning ride

… and the satellite view – so you can see how we cycled along the edge of the valley floor.

30km done before breakfast – what a champion!!  I think I had earned more of those lemon ricotta pancakes!  (Please note, I have not repeated the photos here – I thought it would be a bit gratuitous).

The reason I didn’t try anything else was, although I was tempted by the French Toast – I quizzed one of the waiters the night before, and he conceded that the French Toast would probably be a disappointment after the pancakes.  So, I’ll stick with the winner!

After breakfast – it was time to pack up all our gear and hit the road – we all piled back into the bus and made the long journey home! Well – at least back to San Francisco – what a great tour!

I thoroughly recommend that, if you love cycling and love good food – you should do this tour.

I heartily declared to the group it was the best ever Duvine tour that I’d been on!!  Hee, hee.. of course, it’s the only Duvine tour I’ve ever been on – but everyone agreed with me, and they are repeaters!!   Janet had already pointed out that she felt that the mix of people on this tour was the best she’d experienced, and this was her fifth tour – Awwww shucks!!… unless she was talking about Jean-Guy?

We bade each other farewell at the Hotel – hugged each other madly, and then went our separate ways. This was an amazing tour – which I would happily do again.  Sure, it wasn’t the cheapest tour you can do – but the best things in life often require a bit of extra care and planning and expense.  And this tour was the best in many respects:

  • As much or as little cycling as you wanted to do
  • Top notch food in fantastic local restaurants
  • Quality luxury accommodation
  • Terrific, amenable, friendly guides – who really take care of you, keep you safe, and entertain you along the way (thank you Ashley & Ryan, we love you!!!)
  • All your expenses paid along the way (apart from the couple of meals which are stated up front), including all tipping, gratuities, tastings, etc.; and the best part…
  • Absolutely nothing to worry about

I am looking forward to my next Duvine Adventure,  I’m not sure where it will be, or even when – but when you’ve had it this good, you want to come back again, and again.

Duvine Adventures Website

See my next post for the rest of the day’s adventures in San Francisco….