USA Day 12: San Francisco Cycling

Big day planned today – we decided to hire our bikes as early as possible and then head out to a café called “Just for You” out in a little neighbourhood called “Dogpatch”.

Just For You Café

732 – 22nd Street @ 3rd Street (in Dogpatch)
San Francisco, California 94107
(415) 647 3033
Open:  Mon – Fri  7:30am – 3pm;  Sat – Sun  8am – 3pm

Again, we got there early enough to snaffle a table inside – before too long there was a line of people outside.  I wish they’d stop following us!!!

Here’s the little café – you can see there’s people waiting outside (we took this after we left)

I decided to try a “cowgirl”  – 2 eggs and bacon on pancakes (oatmeal) –
this café had a choice of 4 different types of pancakes.
Alas – the oatmeal pancakes were not as good as Provisions in Williamstown.

Andrew continued his exploration of poached eggs and bacon – with the obligatory side of home fries.  He loved this version – mainly because the bread (which is baked in house) was so good!

Just For You Cafe on Urbanspoon

Cycling the Embarcardo to Golden Gate Bridge

So, it was time for us to head off on our Golden Gate adventure – we’d already done 8km just getting to breakfast – so we were already burning off those home fries and pancakes.

On the way back from Dogpatch – this is the Bay Bridge – a really long span bridge.

Cupid’s Span, 2003, Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen

I love this sculpture – it was a big bow and arrow – that’s me in the pic! Makes me look tiny!  Apparently San Francisco has a reputation as being the home port of Eros (the god of love), which is what inspired this sculpture.

There it is – that’s where we’re headed….

 After some hills, some getting lost and some diversions
– we finally made it to the bridge.

Noice architectural shot Andrew!!

Having a rest about halfway across!
The whole west side was given over to cyclists which was great. No pedestrians!

The view looking back…

The view of San Francisco from the other side.

On the way back – we checked out the Palace of Fine Arts – pretty amazing!

Lots of columns….

And some more…

Just to let you know how big it is – that’s me standing in the middle there
– gives you an idea of the size of the thing.

Apparently the Palace of Fine Arts was originally constructed for the 1915 Panama Pacific exposition.  They just love their expositions – why didn’t we build something so lovely when it came to Australia???   For pop culture fans – it features in “So I married an axe murderer” with Mike Myers, and also “The Rock” with Sean Connery.

All up – we did a 40km ride – I couldn’t believe it – with some serious elevation (over 300m).  We hadn’t even started our cycling tour yet!

We gave our bikes back and then had a hot dog for lunch – pretty simple stuff really.

Alcatraz Night Tour

About 3:30pm we headed out for our Alcatraz tour.  Alas – it got pretty cold and rainy… so it was a bit of a wash out – but it was still an interesting tour.  First they shuffle you through a bunch of lines, you get a picture taken of you standing in front of a photo of Alcatraz (really??? Puh-leaze!).  Then we get shuffled onto the boat – where there are not enough seats for everyone, but we snaffled some between some unsuspecting tourists!  Heck – who am I kidding, we’re all tourists on that boat!!   After about 30 minutes on the boat – you get shuffled out of the boat and up to the “theatre” – where they give you a short talk. Then you get shuffled up to the cell block shower room where they fit you with audio headsets and a pre-recorded audio tour.  You head upstairs and press play and follow the directions – it was very interesting (despite the high-tourist spin).

The view of the Golden Gate Bridge as we went across in the boat
– a bit different to our earlier photos on the bike ride!

Here it comes – Alcatraz – The Rock!

We had to walk up the equivalent of a 13 story building to get to the start of the tour.

Here are the communal showers. Not much hope for modesty here…

There were 3 tiers of cells.

And this was a typical cell – that’s the very basic table and chair on the right hand side.

And a beautiful shot of the lighthouse at night – nicely done Andrew
– you can’t tell, but the rain is coming in pretty hard and fast at this stage!
Ahh – Fall in California!

The trouble with Alcatraz was that I felt a bit seedy once I was over there – so much so we had to forego dinner!!! Oh no!!!   I suspect it was eating eggs in the morning – I don’t seem to be able to eat eggs (unless they’re in pancakes or French toast!!!!).  Anyway – it was early to bed for a slightly seedy Helen – while Andrew chowed down on some room service!

Tomorrow is an exciting day – the first day of our Duvine Cycling Adventure!