USA Day 5: New York Walking Tour

I had wisely checked the weather forecast earlier this week and had chosen the best, sunny days to book our two tours. Today was our walking tour of New York.   However, the weather had other ideas – a freakish snow storm has blown into New York – but still we continued!!!  Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…

Les Halles

411 Park Avenue South (at 29th Street)
New York, NY 10016
Open: 7:30am – Midnight (nonstop), 7 days a week

First things first – we had breakfast at Les Halles.  Apparently this is the New York base for Anthony Bourdain – so you’d expect good things.

French toast for me – not too bad, but not a patch on Hardware Societe!!

Les Halles Park Avenue on Urbanspoon

New York Walking Tour

After we’d finished breakfast, we met the rest of our group for the walking tour in the Theatre District – by that stage it was only raining… but as the day progressed, it turned to snow.  I don’t think it was going to clear up…

The view of the Empire State Building as we walked to the Theatre District.

 The apartment building from “Friends” in Greenwich Village (see the snow on the awning).

Andrew and I in Washington Square Park.

Trying to warm up and dry off in Numero 28 Wood Fired Pizza in Greenwich Village.

The Brooklyn Bridge (through the rain and snow in the distance).

Snow in Central Park –
which we couldn’t go into because of the risk of falling branches which were laden with snow.

We ended up being soaked through – it was freaky and cold!!! I was not prepared for snow!! This was the first time I’d even seen snow!! Thank goodness I bought a waterproof cycling jacket the day before and took it along “just in case”!!  As we were walking through Chinatown, we bought gloves to wear because our hands were freezing.  Another guy bought fresh socks, because his feet were soaked through!

Even though we lost a number of people along the way, I’m proud to say the Aussie contingent of us, and another Melbourne couple, stayed through to the end.  The tour finished early on account of Central Park being closed – which was a pity.  But we were glad to get back to our room, have hot showers and get warmed up!

Le Parisien Bistrot

163 East 33rd St
New York, NY 10016
(212) 889-5489
Open everyday 12 noon – 3:30pm; 5:00 – 11:00pm
Brunch menu served instead of lunch on Sat & Sun

After such a crazy, wet day – we decided that we didn’t want to travel more than one block away for dinner. So the concierge recommended Le Parisien Bistrot on 33rd Street, just behind the hotel.  That seemed like the place for us.

A lovely table setting – with cute napkins and bread presented in tin bucket!

We both had the French Onion Soup to start.

Then I had the roasted chicken with wild mushrooms, thyme jus, and potato mash.

Andrew had the steak frites with glazed shallots and red wine jus.

We finished with a shared Tarte Tatin (it looks a bit messy because we’d already
started before remembering to take the photo – oops).

Overall, good honest French food – but nothing that rocked our world. It was good, basic, rustic French cuisine.  Interestingly, the place was incredibly popular and had a constant stream of people coming in asking for tables.  We must have timed it really well – because we didn’t have to wait.

I have to admit that where we’re staying in New York, in the Murray Hill neighbourhood – is probably not the best spot for restaurants.  But desperate times, and a freakish snow storm in October decided our fate tonight!!  Maybe we’ll have better luck tomorrow!

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