USA Day 3: Woodbury Common – New York

Today was our shopping Day at Woodbury Common. We had booked our tickets through Grayline Bus Tours because it was 77km outside of Manhattan. We had to catch our tour from the Port Authority Building (past Times Square, near the Theatre District, that is – about 2 km away) – thankfully, we had discovered there was a cross town bus that went up and down 34th street. The M16 stopped less than a block away and delivered us safely.

The day was cold and blustery, so we were happy to be ensconsed in our tour bus. It took about 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to Woodbury Common.

Woodbury Common was amazing – it has 225 premium outlets, and we only saw about 20 of them. You could spend days there! It had extremely good prices. We spent 5 hours shopping, and then half an hour waiting for the return bus. It was freezing!! And then the bus took 3 hours to get back. Oh my goodness. Apparently there were some serious problems in the Lincoln Tunnel – the traffic stretched for miles and miles – in both directions!

There was no time for dinner – we rushed through to see Wicked. Thankfully the cloak room took luggage, because we had bought a large suitcase from Woodbury Common, and filled it up with our purchases!!

“Wicked” was playing at the Gershwin Theatre and was a great production (but not as good as “How to Succeed”).  Afterwards, the challenge was getting a taxi – because it was raining and miserable. Apparently in New York, taxis are able to refuse fares on the basis of destination, so it was a bit difficult – but we finally managed to flag down a taxi to take us back to our hotel.

We reviewed the products of our day of retail therapy.  We were really happy – Andrew got Levis for $30!  We were all stocked up!  Ready for the rest of our USA adventure!