USA Day 1: Melbourne – LAX – New York

Today was the day we embarked on our USA adventure – there was 19 hours of flight time, and about 6 hours sitting around in airports – but what can you do.  It’s what you have to do to get to New York. We had a seamless check in at our Virgin Australia counter – thanks to our premium economy tickets which entitled us to a very special, short check-in queue.  Once we had done that and grabbed some Amercan dollars – it was time to head through to our departure lounge.

One of the things I was keen to try was the new Café Vue at Tullamarine – Shannon Bennett’s new offering in international departures.  Andrew and I both ordered a coffee and a croque monsieur.

The croque monsieur was so good – beautiful thick bread containing very good cheese and shredded ham hock!  The sandwich was obviously pan fried in some good quality butter – but not so much as to make it greasy.  A substantial breakfast – and a good start to our trip.

We boarded our flight in Melbourne at 11:47 am and miraculously made it to New York by that evening the same day. Ahh…. the mysteries of time travel.   We had flown Melbourne to LAX, and had a seamless changeover to our Virgin America flight there. We arrived in New York at about 6pm – caught a taxi into town (they have fixed price taxi fares from the airport to Manhattan – $45 + tip – this is great value).

After checking out our room at the Affinia Dumont – we decided a walk around the neighbourhood was the best way to get the 20 or so hours of air travel out of our legs.  So, we walked up to Times Square, round past Central Station, and picked a little Italian place, Fagiolini’s, to have some pasta.  It was pretty basic, but all we needed at the time.  We then went back to our room and tried to sleep.